Zudio is from which country, does it belong to Tata?

Welcome friends! In today’s post “Zudio is from which country, does it belong to Tata”, we will share the complete information on the queries sent by our readers as they want to know more about the clothing brand Zudio Does Zudio belong to Tata? Moreover, seeing the pricing and designing of the Clothing brand Zudio in India, a few of our readers are asking us Zudio is from which country?

We would like to make it clear to our readers that Zudio is owned by Tata Group in India and thus Zudio is a Tata Brand. All Zudio stores belong to Tata in India.

Zudio is from which Country?

Now Zudio is a leading value fashion clothing brand in India. The first retail outlet of Zudio was opened in the year 2016 in Bangalore. It’s one of the verticals of Tata Trent. Zudio is a clothing brand that originated and is well-established in India.

Zudio is owned by which company in India?

If you are thinking is Zudio a Tata brand? Yes! you are absolutely right, Zudio is owned by Tata in India. In India, Zudio stores are further classified on the basis of their model.

  1. COCO – Company Owned and Company Operated.
  2. FOFO – Franchise Owned and Franchise Operated.

In our previous post, we shared how you can apply for the Tata Zudio Franchise and is the franchise model profitable in India. If you were having any doubts in mind like does Zudio belong to Tata or is Zudio a Tata brand?

The answer is yes! Zudio is a Tata brand and it belongs to Tata company irrespective of the store model, like COCO or FOFO, the policy of the company remains the same in all stores.

Tata-owned other retail formats as well in India. We are going to share here the list of retail. Trent Limited is part of Tata Group, basically Trent Limited is a well-known retail company in India.

Are Zudio and Westside the same company?

People want to know if Zudio and Westside are the same company as both belong to Tata in India. Here we would like to answer the question directly that Zudio and Westside are not the same company.

No doubt both belong to Tata Group in India. Zudio and Westside both are in the same business i.e. fashion retailing, here we will share the major difference between Zudio and Westside with the customer’s perspective.

Retail Formats of Tata in India That Operates under Trent Limited Umbrella.

If you are asking is Zudio a Westside brand, the answer is no, both brands are the different format of Trent Retail but belongs to Tata Group in India, both Zudio and Westside clothing brand retail formats are owned by Tata ( Trent Limited) in India.

The below diagram will help you to understand the detailed structure of Trent Retail Limited in India.


Does Zudio Belong to Tata?

Yes! Zudio is a Tata brand, and one of the verticals (the company of Tata Group) i.e. Trent Limited owns the Zudio clothing brand in India.

Zudio is owned by which company?

Zudio is owned by Trent Limited ( Trent is one of the verticals of the Tata group). Trent Limited has 6 subsidiaries under its umbrella, these are Westside, Zudio, Utsa, Star, Landmark, and Booker Wholesale.

Zudio is from which country?

Zudio is from India and is owned and operated by Trent Limited in India. Tata’s Trent Limited is incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 vide CIN: L24240MH1952PLC00895.


Zudio is from India and is a pioneer in clothing brands in the value segment that belongs to the Tata group and it is one of the verticals of Trent Limited. Westside and Zudio are 2 different formats of clothing brands under Trent Limited.