How to Choose the Correct Zudio Bra Size Using Chart?

Hi! In today’s post “How to Choose the Correct Zudio Bra Size Using Chart” we are going to share the Zudio Bra Size Chart and how you should use this chart to select the correct one from the Zudio Bra Collection.

As you know that the the right bra size that too well-fitted bra is essential for the comfort and support that boost confidence. Zudio offers a wide range of bras in different styles, designs, and sizes. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the correct Zudio bra size using a chart. You might have read the Zudio Kurti Size Chart which we mentioned in our previous post.

Types of Zudio Bra Collection

Zudio offers a vast collection of bras for different needs and age groups. Here we are sharing the list of Zudio Bra Collections you can choose as per your style and preferences.

  1. Comfortable Everyday Bras is one of the selling items from the Zudio Bra Collection.
  2. Zudio Sports Bras that support your active lifestyle
  3. For Elegance and Sophistication go with the Bra of Zudio Lingerie Collection.
  4. You can also opt for the combo of Zudio Bra Panty.
  5. Specialized Bras for Unique Needs – Like a minimizer bra for a flattering silhouette, a nursing bra for new mothers, or a post-surgery bra for extra support and comfort.

Now what matter here is selecting the fabric and size as per your style and requirement, if you are not confident about your Bra size, don’t worry here we will guide you on how to measure your bra size.

Measuring Yourself for a Zudio Bra Size.

Before using the Zudio bra size chart, you need to have an exact measurement of your band size and cup size.

To measure your band size and cup size for an exact fit bra follow the below steps.

  1. Wrap a measuring tape around your torso just under your bust. Ensure the tape is snug but not too tight o loose. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number.
  2. To determine your cup size, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size measurement from this number to get your cup size.
S.NoSteps To Follow
1Measure your Band Size
2Now measure full Bust Size
3Cup Size = Bust Size – Band Size

How to use Zudio Bra Size Chart?

Zudio provides a comprehensive bra size chart that helps you find your perfect fit. The Zudio Bra Size Chart typically includes band sizes, ranging from 28 to 40, and cup sizes, ranging from A to DDD.

If you have measured your cup size and band size as mentioned above you can locate your band size and your bust size and use the Zudio Bra Size Chart to determine the cup size.

Zudio Bra Size Chart

Band Size (in inches)Bust Size (in inches)Cup Size
The measurements are approximate and may vary depending on the brand and individual body shape.

Zudio bra size disclaimer

It’s essential to keep in mind that bra sizes can vary slightly between different brands and styles. Once you have determined your Zudio bra size using the Zudio Bra Size Chart, it is recommended to try on different styles and adjustments to find the one that suits you best.

This includes considering factors like

  1. Underwire
  2. Padding
  3. Straps
  4. Closures.

Experiment with different options until you find the most comfortable and flattering fit-size bra for your body!


How often should I measure myself for a bra?

It is recommended to measure yourself for a bra at least once a year, as body shapes can change over time due to factors like weight fluctuations and pregnancy.

Can I use the Zudio bra size chart for other brands?

While the Zudio bra size chart is specifically designed for Zudio bras, it can serve as a general guideline when exploring other brands. However, keep in mind that sizes may vary between brands.

What if my measurements fall between two sizes on the Zudio Bra chart?

If your measurements fall between two sizes on the Zudio bra size chart, it is advisable to try both sizes to determine which one offers a better fit and comfort.

Are there any specific bras for different breast shapes?

Yes, there are bras designed for different breast shapes, such as full-coverage bras for larger breasts or push-up bras for enhancing cleavage. Exploring various styles can help you find the most flattering and comfortable options for your specific needs.

Can I wear the same bra size in different Zudio styles?

While your bra size may remain the same across different Zudio styles, it’s recommended to try on each style individually, as variations in design and construction can affect the fit and comfort.

How to Shop Zudio Bra Online?

If you want to shop for Zudio bras online you should visit the official site or the Zudio Online shopping app, place an order as per your size requirement, and get the Zudio Bra delivered to your doorstep.