Zudio Bengaluru JP Nagar Address, And Online Shopping Offers

Here in this post “Zudio Bengaluru JP Nagar Address, and Online Shopping Offers” we are going to share the complete details about the Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar store.

If you want to know more complete information about your Nearest Zudio Store Address, Zudio Contact Number, Zudio Opening and Closing Timings, and Zudio Online Shopping details in your city, please scroll down and read the entire post. You can read our previous post where we shared the complete details about Zudio Bengaluru

Zudio Bengaluru JP Nagar Address

Here we are sharing the address of Zudio JP Nagar Bengaluru. Zudio Store is located at the address given below in the city.

Zudio JP Bangaluru Nagar  Address
5th phase 24 main Road.
823M, Bengaluru 
State - Karnataka
Pincode - 560068.

Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Opening and Closing Time.

Zudio stores are open 7 days a week. Zudio JP Nagar’s.Opening And Closing Timings of Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar are mentioned below.

DayZudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Opening TimeZudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Closing Time
Monday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Opening and Closing Time

Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Contact Number.

To contact the Customer Care Number of Zudio Jp Nagar you can directly send the whats app message or call the Zudio JP Nagar contact number. Here we are sharing the helpline number of the Zudio in JP Nagar. You can contact Zudio JP Nagar at the contact number given below.

Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar’s Contact Number is 9902551868

How To Do Zudio Online Shopping In Bengaluru?

To do online shopping from Zudio in Bengaluru you just need to download the Zudio Online shopping App from the Google Play store, register yourself, browse the catalog, and start placing orders for home delivery. In our previous post, we shared how you can download the Zudio Online shopping app, you can read the blog.

Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Offers Today

Here we are sharing the Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Offers Price List for the Zudio Clothes, Beauty products, and Cosmetics that you might be looking for.

S.NOZudio Clothes and Beauty Products Zudio Soft Sole Slipper for Women
1Zudio Men’s Casual Shirts 599 Rs.
2 Zudio Casual Shirt for Men 349 Rs.
3Zudio Printed Cotton T-shirt 199 Rs.
4Zudio Zudio Solid Men Tshirt 199 Rs.
5Zudio Men’s Printed Shirts 349 Rs.
6 Men’s Regular Fit Shirt Cotton 449 Rs.
7Zudio Sleevless Mens T-shirt299
8Zudio Digital Printed Rayon Shirt 449 Rs.
9  Zudio Full-Sleeves Floral Printed Cotton Regular Fit Shirt 299 Rs.
10Zudio Polo T-Shirt399
11Zudio Slim Fit Casual Shirt 249 Rs.
12 Zudio Men Cotton Printed T-shirts369
13Zudio Crew T-shirt 149 Rs.
14Zudio  Regular Fit Cotton Crew T-Shirt179
15Zudio shoe price 299 Rs.
16Zudio Men’s Casual Shoes 349 Rs.
17Zudio Sandals for Men 279 Rs.
18Zudio Men’s Running Shoe 449 Rs.
19Zudio Campus shoes 329 Rs.
20Zudio Men’s Sneaker 449 Rs.
21Zudio Men’s Sports Shoes 424 Rs.
22Zudio Sandals lightweight Clog Shoes 299 Rs.
23Zudio Leather Casual Shoes 349 Rs.
24Zudio Formal leather shoes 449 Rs.
25Zudio Shoes and Slippers for men 229 Rs.
26Zudio Men’s Flip-Flops & Slippers 199 Rs.
27Zudio Slippers for Women 99 Rs.
28Zudio Women Slippers Girls 199 Rs.
29Zudio Women Tops Price 249 Rs.
30Zudio Casual Outdoor Indoor Walking Flipflops 199 Rs.
31Zudio Slipper Toe Style 249 Rs.
32Zudio Stylish Attractive Soft Casual Slippers 239 Rs.
33Zudio Women-Heeled Sandal 329 Rs.
34 Zudio Criss Cross High Heel Sandal 399 Rs.
35Zudio Women’s Shoes 249 Rs.
36 Zudio  perfume price in IndiaStart at 210 Rs.
37Zudio Lipstick priceStart at 85 Rs.
38Zudio  DeoStart at 99 Rs.
39 Zudio Maskara89  Rs.
40Zudio Womens  Tops Price 199 Rs.
41Zudio Womens T-shirt 199 Rs.
42Zudio Women Kurti 299 Rs.
43Zudio Women’s Leging 189 Rs.
44Zudio Ladies  underwear price ( Bra and Panties)Start at 99  Rs.
45Zudio Woment  Western Tops 299 Rs.
46Zudio Women Ethnic Kurti 299 Rs.
47Zudio Pallazo 349 Rs.
48 Zudio Women’s Western Style Office Dress 599 Rs.
49Zudio Ladies Shirt 299 Rs.
50Zudio  Women’s Kurtas & Kurtis 399 Rs.
51 Zudio Eye Makeup RemoverRs. 29
52 Zudio Lip Colour Remover WipesRs. 29
53Zudio Nail Colour RemoverRs. 49
54Zudio Nail Paint RemoverRs. 49
55Zudio  Lip BalmRs. 49
56Zudio Face WashRs. 69
57 Zudio KajalRs. 69
58Zudio  Nail Colur / Nail PaintRs. 69
59Zudio Beauty BlenderRs. 79
60Zudio Hair ClutcherRs. 79
61Zudio Shower Gel (Berry Blast)Rs. 99
62Zudio  Deo – Spark, PulseRs. 99
63Zudio Lip Crayon Candy Pink / Pink Love /Rs. 99
64Zudio LipstickRs. 99
65Zudio Micellar WaterRs. 99
66Zudio PouchRs. 199
67Zudio  Nail Paint Set of 4 (Different shades and Colour)Rs. 199
68Zudio BB CreamRs. 199
69Zudio  Freedom Deo and PerfumeRs. 299
70Zudio  Man Deo and PerfumeRs. 299
71Zudio Perfume for womanRs. 299
72Zudio Sport Deo and Perfume fromRs. 299
Zudio Bengaluru J P Nagar Offers Today

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