“Zudio Beauty and Body Essentials Makeup Products Price List: Unveiling Affordable Elegance!”

Welcome to Zudio Beauty and Body Essentials Products Price List and Reviews! We are happy to share it with you. If you are searching for Zudio beauty products near me, then this post will help you to know the list of Zudio beauty products that are available at nearby Zudio stores in your city. Thus we advise you to go through the content before you start searching for Zudio beauty products near me so that you can take advantage of Zudio’s upcoming sale, as it will be easy for you to know the Zudio price range for beauty and body essentials products.

What are the Zudio Beauty and Body Essentials Products available for Make-Up?

Here we are sharing the list of Zudio beauty and make-up essentials products that are easily available in Zudio Stores in your city, these Zudio skin care products are also available at Zudio beauty products online shopping sites. We will share the complete detail about these sites in this post.

Zudio Body and Beauty Essentials products list which you should have in your vanity box are listed below.

Zudio Beauty Products List

Zudio Lip Crayon Candy Pink
Zudio Lip Crayon Pink Love
Zudio Lip Crayon Pink Pout
Zudio Lip stick
Zudio Beauty Blender
Zudio Kajal 
Zudio Nail Colur / Nail Paint
Nail Colour Remover 
Nail Paint Remover
Zudio Lip Balm
Zudio Eye Makeup Remover
Zudio Lipstick
Zudio BB Cream
Zudio Nail Paint Set of 4 (Different shades and Colour)
Zudio beauty makeup essentials Products

Zudio Body Essentials Products List

Here we have made a bucket of body essentials products available at Zudio Store offline and online as beauty products and these products are in the must-have list category.

Please note Zudio beauty online products available on different sites are having different prices, but when you visit the Zudio stores you will find the Zudio price range for beauty and makeup products are quite reasonable and the quality of the items are really one of the best in the market.

Zudio Body Beauty Essentials Products List.

  1. Zudio Beauty Blender Pack.
  2. Zudio Deo – Spark, Pulse.
  3. Micellar Water.
  4. Hair Clutcher.
  5. Zudio Face Wash.
  6. Zudio Freedom Deo and Perfume.
  7. Men Deo and Perfume.
  8. Perfume for women.
  9. Sport Deo and Perfume.
  10. Zudio Shower Gel (Berry Blast ).
  11. Zudio Shower Gel (Citrus Shower Gel ).
  12. Pouch.

Zudio Beauty Products Price List of Makeup and Body Essentials Products

Here you will find the price list of Zudio Makeup products, Zudio skin care products, and Zudio perfume, the below-listed table will show the Zudio price range for the essential beauty and makeup products available at Zudio Online. This list I have compiled from the Tata Zudio Beauty Store near me in my city. Whether it’s a Zudio makeup remover or the blender pack, we have tried our best to capture the price range in the below table.

S.NoBeauty Products and Body Essentials List From ZudioPrice in Rs.
1Zudio Eye Makeup Remover29 Rs
2Zudio Lip Colour Remover Wipes29 Rs
3Nail Colour Remover 49 Rs
4Nail Paint Remover49 Rs
5Zudio Lip Balm49 Rs
6Zudio Face Wash69 Rs
7Zudio Kajal 69 Rs
8Zudio Nail Colur / Nail Paint69 Rs
9Zudio Beauty Blender79 Rs
10Zudio Hair Clutcher79 Rs
11Zudio Shower Gel (Berry Blast)99 Rs
12Zudio Lipstick99 Rs
13Zudio Deo – Spark, Pulse99 Rs
14Zudio Lip Crayon Candy Pink99 Rs
15Zudio Lip Crayon Pink Love99 Rs
16Zudio Lip Crayon Pink Pout99 Rs
17Zudio Lip stick99 Rs
18Zudio Micellar Water99 Rs
19Zudio Pouch199 Rs
20Zudio Nail Paint Set of 4 (Different shades and Colour)199 Rs
21Zudio BB Cream199 Rs
22Zudio Freedom Deo and Perfume299 Rs
23Zudio Man Deo and Perfume299 Rs
24Zudio Perfume for woman299 Rs
25Zudio Sport Deo and Perfume299 Rs
The list of Beauty and Body Essentials products is tabled in ascending order of price.

Zudio Beauty Products Review

Here we will see the reason why the Zudio beauty products are the best, and how many ratings can be given on a scale of “0 to 5” if we do a Zudio cosmetics review.

If you will ask me are Zudio beauty products good? My answer will be Yes! it is. The reason why am admiring the Zudio body and beauty products are listed below.

  1. Zudio offers high-quality beauty and body essentials.
  2. The products are genuinely priced, you can take care of yourself without spending too much.
  3. Zudio uses the best ingredients and new technologies to create products.
  4. Zudio Beauty and Body Essentials products, you can treat yourself with confidence as it is associated with the most trusted group in India. i.e. Tata Group.
  5. Zudio has an Easy Return and Refund Policy.

We can give 5 out of 5 for the range, price and quality of Zudio products.


Is Zudio lip balm good?

Zudio Lip balm is one of the best products in this segment, to prevent lip cracks and keep your lip smooth and glossy. The Zudio lip balm is having ingredients like Rose & Saffron Essential oil, which is considered to be the safe and best.

Are Zudio beauty products good?

Zudio beauty products are the best and most economical, you know Zudio is a brand of Tata and Tata is the most respected and trusted brand not only in India but also in the international market. Tata management focuses on quality products, thus you can go with the Zudio beauty products without having any doubt in your mind.

What is the Zudio perfume price in India?

Zudio perfume price in India is available in a range of 199 Rs to 499Rs.

Watch the video to find the latest Offers and discounts on Beauty and Make-up products at Zudio Store.

Video credit goes to the Youtube channel – Sharmili Chakraborty

If you are also looking for stuff like Bb cream, natural Eyeshadow, Smokey glam Lipsticks, caramel nude & blossom pink Liquid lipstick or choco crave visit the nearest Zudio beauty store in your city.


In our Zudio Price List, we have carefully chosen the products that can enhance your natural beauty and make your self-care routine even better. The Zudio skin care products nourish your skin and body and make you feel refreshed. So what are you waiting for? Avail of the offers at the Zudio Store in your city.