How to rent your space to Zudio Store in your city?

How to rent your space to Zudio Store in your city? Whom you should contact to rent your commercial space to the Zudio store in your city? We are going to answer these 2 questions in today’s blog post. If you are also looking for ways to rent out your commercial space to one of the leading fashion retailers in India then this blog post is for you.

As you all know that after the downfall of Future Retail, the major fashion retail format of the Future group like Fashion at Big Bazaar and Brand Factory are closed now, due to which the customers were looking for a format that can give value for the money along with trendy and quality products. There comes Zudio a popular retail store that sells affordable and fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Due to an increased customer base and the business now Zudio is in expansion mode, the concept of Zudio helped the business to grow faster and thus Zudio looking for suitable commercial spaces to open new stores.

How to Rent Space to Zudio Stores?

Renting your commercial space to Zudio can be a great business opportunity, in this blog post, we are sharing the step-wise guide to renting your property to Zudio. These below-mentioned steps will ensure a smooth rental process.

Steps to Rent Out the Commercial Space to Zudio

Prepare well on the below parameters first.

Keep the Location and Size of the space ready which you want to rent out

Always, keep the measurement ready, along with the google map exact longitude and latitude of the place where your commercial property is located. Please note Zudio open the stores where they have ample space parking for their customers and the accessibility of the area should be good as it will bring the customers to the stores. Please make a drawing with exact dimensions, so that it will be easy to calculate the area. If you have any Zudio Stores in your city visit that store to have an idea about the size that Zudio prefers.

Do a Market Survey for Rent Rates in areas where you have a Space for rent.

This is one of the mandatory points which we always suggest to landlords as when you will find the rates of that particular area you will be ready for negotiation with the Zudio management on the rental part, as in most cases the rent involves mainly 2 parts.

The first basic rate – ie Rent per Sq feet and the second is CAM ( i.e Common Area Maintenance charges). Electricity and water charges are on an actual basis.

The third step is to provide details to the management

Once you have completed with above 2 steps now the third step is to contact the store expansion team that plans and finalizes the agreement, here in the below post we will share how to contact Zudio Management to rent out your property effectively.

The Detail which you should share are:

  • Location of space
  • Size of the Space
  • Expected rent
  • Any other relevant information regarding the property like an owner, in which the name agreement has to be done, your bank account where you want that rent should be credited every month, etc.

Negotiation and Signing the lease agreement

Yes, be prepared well for the negotiation keeping in mind that the agreement will be done for at least 2 to 3 years. And read the terms and agreement carefully before you sign the rent deed. All these steps come if the Zudio expansion team is interested in your property.

Terms and Agreement in Rent Deed should cover the below points and there should not be any ambiguity.

  • Basic Rate and Rent.
  • Duration of the lease.
  • Rent payment Schedule.
  • Maintenance, and other relevant clauses if any.

After the agreement, the remaining task is to prepare the space, which may be like renovating or constructing the building as per the Zudio standards and agreement. Zudio will guide the landlord on the requirement so no need to worry about it.

The final step is to hand over the space on or before the agreed date. After the final handoverZudio will start its setup and open the store for the customers.

Whom you should contact to rent your commercial space to the Zudio store in your city?

The best way to find the New Store Opening Team of Zudio is mentioned below.

  • Visit the nearest Zudio Store in your town or city.
  • Meet the Store Manager of the Zudio store and discuss renting the property, they always have the detail of the person and the contact number of the team responsible for the expansion and new store planning.
  • The second method is to visit the official site of Zudio and write a mail to the concern.
  • You can also write a mail to


Renting your space to Zudio is a profitable business in the long run. You need to plan well and your presentation should be professional in front of the management. The above steps will help you to understand the process involved in renting the space to the Zudio store.