Does Zudio Accept Sodexo Card?

Hi! If you are a fashion lover and do shopping from Zudio then it might come to your mind that Zudio Accept Sodexo Card like Sodexo meal cards, and Sodexo Zeta cards, in this post we will share the fact that Zudio does not accept Sodexo cards. Now the question arises why Zudio does not accept the Sodexo meal cards or Zeta cards. To know the exact reason read the entire blog.

I agree that Sodexo is the convenient mode of payment, and it has become a popular choice in India too. Many people search for why Zudio does not accept the Sodexo card in India. In today’s post, we will explore the nonacceptance of Sodexo at Zudio and provide you with essential information regarding this matter.

What is Zudio?

Zudio is a renowned brand in India that is owned and operated by Trent Limited (a Retail Venture of Tata Group). You can check the detail here. Zudio Stores in India offers the following categories and ranges to its customers.

  1. Trendy and affordable fashion apparel.
  2. Footwear.
  3. Accessories like Sunglasses, handbags, wallets, caps, etc.
  4. Beauty products for women and men.

Because of the pricing strategy if Tata Zudio, it has become a popular destination store for fashion enthusiasts.

What is Sodexo?

Sodexo is a service provider that offers the following service cards.

  1. Sodexo zeta card.
  2. Sodexo Meal pass.
  3. Sodexo premium pass celeberation
  4. Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass.
  5. Sodexo Cafeteria pass.

Sodexo Meal Pass Card is popular among people working in corporate offices. These cards can be used digitally and online as well, but there is a limitation, you can use the Sodexo meal cards in mentioned below category shopping.

  1. On Purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only.
  2. You can pay restaurants for your food if the restaurants have a tie-up with Sodexo.
  3. You can use Sodexo meal cards or passes vouchers in fast food outlets.
  4. In convenience stores for purchasing grocery items.
  5. Coffee shops
  6. Can purchase groceries using Sodexo Cards for in-room dining from retailers like Smart Bazaar, Big Bazaar, Vmart, Dmart, etc.

The Importance of Sodexo Acceptance

The major benefits of using Sodexo cards are listed below.

  1. Corporate houses give Sodexo meal pass or Sodexo cards as part of CTC (Cost to the company) and it is one of the components of the monthly salary, the benefit is that the employee does not have to pay income tax on this amount.
  2. Sodexo vouchers – are easy to redeem as it has a wide merchant network.

Does Zudio Accept Sodexo Cards?

No, Zudio does not accept Sodexo cards. Even though Zudio does not accept Sodexo Zeta cards, Zudio does not accept Sodexo meal passes, or vouchers, whether you purchase from the Zudio Online shopping site or from Zudio offline stores.

Why Zudio Does Not Accept Sodexo Cards?

Please note as mentioned above in the post Zudio is in the fashion business, they don’t cater food or groceries in India, and as discussed above Sodexo cards are applicable for the purchase of groceries, foods, and non-alcoholic beverages, thus Zudio does not accept Sodexo Cards.

Alternatives to Sodexo at Zudio – Payment Option in Zudio Stores

We have answered your query “Does Zudio Accept Sodexo Cards” While the Sodexo card is not accepted at Zudio stores, here we are sharing the alternative payment options available. In addition to Sodexo cards in Zudio.

You can use any one of the below payment options to pay your bill in Zudio stores.

  1. Cash
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Mobile Wallets
  5. UPI
  6. Zudio Credit note
  7. Zudio Gift vouchers.

You have options to choose from for payment at Zudio, choose the one which is easy for you to enjoy hassle-free shopping at Zudio outlets in your city.


Can I use Sodexo vouchers online at Zudio?

No! you can use Sodexo vouchers for grocery or food shopping, these vouchers are not valid for fashion or accessories shopping at Zudio.

Can I use expired Sodexo vouchers at Zudio?

You can not use any Sodexo voucher whether its live or expired, as Sodexo is applicable in the food and beverages category only

Does Zudio accept Sodexo Cards?

No! Zudio doesnot accept sodexo cards.

Final Say

Zudio does not accept Sodexo, Sodexo Meal Passes or Sodexo cards are not valid to purchase fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories at Zudio offline store or online platforms. If you are fashion lover, visit the nearest Zudio store in your town, and opt for any one of the listed payment option above.